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A Guide to our MONOGRAM IT Design Tool


Monogramming Done Better

Do you know what makes Initially London different from other personalisation companies?  A few things actually:

  • Our exceptional customer service.
  • Our chic product line.
  • Our affordable prices.
  • And, our very own, very fun monogram design tool, which is accessed by clicking on the blue Monogram it! box when looking through our website.

You can create a monogram using either Initials or Names and we offer a wide range of font styles for each option.  Our preview window allows you to see your design and change it easily.  As you scroll through the font options, you can see how the personality of the design changes with a change of font.  Experiment with our many thread colours to see how colour also changes the feel of the monogram.

Monogram it!

Our design tool features five simple steps:

Step 1:  Choose your monogram style by clicking on either the Initials or Name tab

Step 2:  From within the tab you’ve selected, choose a font style.

In the Initials tab, there are up to 13 styles to choose from, all of which feature one, two or three letter monograms.

In the Name tab there are 29 fonts from which to choose, sorted into style subsets such as Blocks, Scripts and All Caps, and most include symbols and numbers so you can get really creative.  You aren’t restricted to just names either.  Write out a phrase, a house name, a favourite hashtag, your twitter handle… you can be as imaginative as you like.


Step 3:  Add the text you would like to monogram.

If you’ve chosen an Initial style, you will be asked to enter up to 3 initials.  Enter them in order with the surname initial last.  Our design tool will place each letter where it belongs in the style you’ve chosen.  For example, if your name is Jane Louise White, enter your initials like this:

If you’ve chosen a Name font style, just enter the text exactly as you’d like to see it.  We will size the text to fit the item you would like to monogram.

You can enter up to 32 characters, including spaces, in the text box.  If you need additional letters, no problem.  Just let us know in the Special Instructions box at checkout.  If we have any questions, we will email or call you.


Step 4:  Choose the thread colour.

Choose the perfect thread colour from one of our 51 shades.  Our shimmery thread creates a gorgeous depth and texture for the monogram, and is durable and colourfast so it will not fade or bleed in the wash.  Our four neon shades do not display well on screen but rest assured, they are zingy and eye catching.  The metallic gold and silver threads also make gorgeous monograms.

Once you’ve chosen a thread colour, your design will appear in the Preview window.

Step 5:  Confirm your monogram.

Once your design is created, you can change from one font to another and from one thread colour to another and the Preview window will update with the new style.  We’ve got font styles to suit every age and personality, from basic to blingy and everything in between.  This can be quite a lot of fun.

When you’re happy with the design and ready to move on, click on the Save Monogram button and the designed item will be saved to your shopping cart:


And that’s it!  We look forward to seeing you on our website soon.